Dane Maxwell & His Rad Rockefeller FREE Ebook

Below is an email from Dane Maxwell (nice guy and successful entrepreneur) – here is a quick bio on Dane:

At age 22, Dane Maxwell started out of his parents toy closet building an intranet website for real estate companies. By asking them countless questions and passionately learning about their problems, it grew into much more. Fast forward 5 years, and Zannee.com now works with hundreds of the real estate companies

Dane was successful enough to take months off from work to travel the world, read (then summarize) an 800 page biography on Rockefeller.  It changed my life.  He said it changed his.  I hope this post changes yours.

Thanks for being on the journey with me.


***EMAIL FROM DANE MAXWELL****************************

Just a heads up…

This email is completely unrelated to any
product or service I provide.

But I hope by sharing my passion with you,
it will help YOU become a better person.

Here goes nothing:

I just finished reading a life changing
book called Titan.

Ever heard of it?

It’s the 800 page biography on John D. Rockefeller,
who is still to this day, the worlds richest man.

I don’t usually say this, but this book transformed my life.

Rockefeller was the most
successful business man in

He gave more to charity than any other man before him.

He helped black education at a time
when they had no help, built college
universities,  and even created the
very first medical research centers.

Wikipedia pegs his net worth at 600 BILLION (even though he’s dead).


Why am I telling you this?

Because I did something crazy…

I spent over 80 hours reading the book and condensing
the massive 800 page biography into a 40 page success

It’s yours, completely free, my gift to you.

Get the PDF here: http://bit.ly/fGNOwB

Here’s exactly what you get:

I took John D’s personality traits, skills,
habits, and weaknesses and condensed
them into bite sized chunks.

Do you think you could learn something from one of the most
successful men in history?

Do you think you could become a better broker owner?
A better Realtor? A better husband/wife? A better friend?
A more charitable person?

I poured my heart into this piece of work, and I want
to share it with you, in hopes that it touches your
life in some way.

You can get the PDF here: http://bit.ly/fGNOwB

Print it out, read it…


Let me know what you think,

Dane Maxwell
Founder – Zannee.com
Technology for Recruiting and Retention